Hanging Ghosts

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You could make a bunch of these for how little they cost to make. Paper plates, white tissue paper, white yarn and some black ribbon are all you need.


  • Two styrofoam paper plates
  • White tissue paper
  • White yarn
  • Black ribbon, tied into bows
  • White glue
  • Black Sharpie
  • Paper punch


  1. Take the two paper plates, nested together, and punch holes about a fourth of an inch from the edges. Punch the holes in the middle of the scalloped part of the plate–the holes will be about 3/4″ apart.
  2. Turn the plates around so the bottoms of the plates are to the outside, and thread the white yarn from the top of one hole, over the edges of the plates, and up through the next hole. (If you wrap one end of the yarn with a small piece of tape, it’ll act as a needle and be easier to sew.) Continue around the plates and tie off at the end. Leave a length of yarn attached for hanging.
  3. Cut strips up from one edge of the tissue. About one and one half inches wide and 8-10″ deep. My tissue paper measured about 20″x30″.
  4. Fold in half and gather up the other end of the tissue paper.
  5. Put white glue on the bottom of both sides of the plate ghost head and hold the gathered tissue paper (half on each side) till it starts to adhere. The glue will soak through the tissue paper, but thats what keeps the gathers in.
  6. Glue a black ribbon bow to the center of the gathered area.
  7. With a black Sharpie, draw faces on both sides of the ghost head.

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