Halloween Ornaments

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Use a dry tree branch for the tree and add halloween ornaments for an unique fall decoration. These are simple to make because you bake them in the microwave. Then paint with craft paints  Use a gloss or satin spray to give them a nice finish. You could also use the brush-on type finish.


  • Halloween cookie cutters
  • Salt dough recipe
  • Craft paints
  • Gloss or satin sealer
  • Glitter


  1. Mix the salt dough (recipe below) and cut with Halloween cookie cutters. Bake in microwave.
  2. Paint the ornaments with craft paints. This is the fun part, so make plenty of them.
  3. Seal with sealer. If you desire, add glitter. (over the sealer.)

Salt Dough Recipe

4 cups flour

1 cup salt

1  1/2 cup hot water

Mix together thoroughly and roll out about a fourth at a time. Cover remaining to keep from drying. Cut with cookie cutters. Make a hole in the top with a toothpick—make it a little larger than you want because it will close somewhat as it bakes. Lay the ornaments on a microwave safe plate. Do not use paper plates. Bake in the microwave for 1 to 4 minutes. Be sure to watch and check them every minute. Some microwaves are hotter than others. Let them cool completely before painting. This recipe will make about 30-36 ornaments.

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