Halloween Diorama

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Kids always seem to love making dioramas.  In a way, it’s like building a little town or farm of their own.  I think making dioramas are great for fueling the imagination.  This Halloween diorama, with patterns included, are to sort of jump-start their imagination.  Because I know that some teachers are very limited in the amount of time allotted for art class, I have drawn some of the Halloween items, but this is not to limit the kids’ choices.  They are welcome to add items or completely draw their own scene, as long as it is Halloween themed.

At the end of this project I’ve written some ideas for naming their diorama.  If you choose, the sayings could be distributed before class begins.   I’m sure just reading the sayings will have some of the students planning a whole new diorama.  The saying I chose, “I do believe in Spooks.   I do, I do, I do”   is a quote from the Cowardly Lion in  The Wizard of Oz.


  • Cereal box
  • Newspaper
  • Craft or Poster paints and brushes
  • White Card Stock
  • House and Tree (Pattern)B&W
  • House and Tree (Pattern) Colored
  • Moon, stars, pumpkins, ghosts, cat and bats (Pattern)B&W
  • Moon, stars, pumpkins, ghosts, cat and bats (Pattern) Colored
  • Colored markers or crayons
  • Tape and glue sticks
  • Scissors


Tape the open end of the cereal box closed.

view 2 diorama-drawings1



An adult should cut the front out of the cereal box unless the student is old enough to use a ruler and a craft kinife.  Leave about an inch all around the cereal box front.

view 3-diorama-paint inside

Cover your work area with newspaper.  Using dark blue craft or poster paint, paint the inside back,sides and top (or sky) area of the box.  Paint the bottom (or ground) area brown or green.    

I painted the outside of my cereal box orange, but later I painted the edge around the front black, so to save time, just paint the outside of the cereal box, black.    

view 6 diorama-without writingWhile the cereal box is drying, print out and color (or draw and color) Halloween things that you want to  include in your diorama.   As you notice on the patterns, I’ve left an area around some of the items.  This area is meant to be colored in a lighter blue than the inside of your diorama, so the items can be seen.  The tree, house, cat and  pumpkins have an added area on the bottom.  This is how those items will be glued to the bottom of the diorama.  Bend the stands at the dotted lines.

inside view-diorama- 4Cut out each of the drawings, leaving some of the light blue colored area on.  The littler kids may want to cut on those outside lines.

  Have fun arranging the items in the diorama.  Glue the tree and house to the bottom.  I glued a “z” shaped piece of paper behind the tree and house to help hold them upright.

In white, write a Halloween saying, or “Happy Halloween”.

Possible Diorama Sayings:

  • Have A Spooktacular Halloween
  • A Big BOOO To You
  • A Haunting We Will Go
  • A Spooktacular Halloween
  • Batty Over Halloween
  • Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid
  • Boo From The Crew
  • Caution! Ghost Crossing
  • Don’t Be A Scaredy Cat
  • Every-batty Had A Great Halloween
  • Ghostly Gathering
  • Gone Haunting, Back at Midnight
  • Hang Around For A Spell
  • Magic Spells While You Wait
  • Only Friendly Ghosts And Goblins Welcome
  • Stop For A Spell
  • The Wicked Witch Lives Here
  • Too Cute To Spook
  • Welcome, The Witch Is In
  • “I do believe in spooks, I do, I do, I do”







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