Rainbow Fish

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Marcus Pfister’s “The Rainbow Fish,” is a lesson on how sharing can make us feel good. We drew five or more fish on the top two thirds of our horizontal placed paper. The fish are drawn by starting a line for one side of the tail of the fish, extending the line and making an oval shape, then extending the line for a second side of the tail. A curved line finishes the tail. Fins are drawn at the top and bottom of the fish shape; a curved line is drawn inside the oval to make the fish head; an eye is drawn with a small solid circle inside a larger circle; draw lips and then scales. This project uses a tip sent to me in a comment from a teacher concerning the use of glitter: “Use nail polish instead of glue, it is less thick, dries fairly quickly and has a built in brush!”This works especially well on this project because of the small spaces to be glittered.


  • White construction or drawing paper
  • Scrap paper to practice drawing fish
  • Pencil and eraser
  • Black Sharpie
  • Crayons
  • Clear nail polish
  • SilverĀ  glitter


  1. For a few minutes, have the kids practice drawing fish. Check the paragraph above for an option on how to draw a fish. Then draw a horizon line two thirds of the way down the drawing paper. Draw five or more different sized fish, one larger than the rest.
  2. On the bottom one third of the paper, draw a sea bottom scene. Some options are; water plants, a star fish, coral, rocks, shells, and a cave with an octopus.
  3. Outline all the pencil marks with the black Sharpie and then color the complete picture.
  4. With the clear nail polish, brush over one scale on each of the smaller fish and three or four scales on the largest fish. Sprinkle with silver glitter.

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