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I believe that it was on Artsonia that I saw a project like this a couple of years ago and thought it was a great lesson for the kids. The class started this by discussing how we know an animal is running in a picture. I found pictures of “animals running” on (Google images) for ideas on which animal to depict and to see the positions of the running legs. The supplies for this project are minimal, just some scraps of construction paper, scissors and glue. A very simple project, but one that stresses awareness of what shows motion in a work of art.


  • Colored construction paper for a background
  • Scraps of construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick


  1. Choose a background paper.
  2. Cut a body shape, a neck and head. Add ears and a tail.
  3. Cut strips of paper for the legs and position them for motion.
  4. If time permits, add grass, ground, a tree, clouds or a sun.

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