Speedy, the Turtle

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If you don’t have wallpaper, you might try wrapping paper. Or a brown paper sack, decorated like a shell, or maybe even with flowers or (whatever you want.)


Wire coat hanger project


  • Wire coat hanger
  • Wallpaper pages (two for each turtle)
  • Copy of Turtle head, feet and tail (Pattern)
  • Colored construction paper: neon green, blue, or your choice for head, feet and tail
  • Double sided scotch tape
  • Masking tape
  • White glue
  • Colored yarn to hang the turtle


1. Shape the coat hanger into a turtle shape, with the hook as the head

2. Print and cut  out the turtle head, feet and tail, leaving the black lines showing.

3. Fold the feet and tail at the fold lines.

4. Put a strip of the double sided tape across the fold of the front feet and then fold it over the straight end of the coat hanger about 2″ from the hook.

5. Do the same thing for the back feet, taping it about 2 1/2″ from the back.

6. Put a strip of the double sided tape on the fold of the tail and attach it to the start of the half circle opposite from the hook.

7. With the masking tape, tape one head to the hook of the coat hanger. Glue the other side of the head to the taped side of the first one, with white glue.

8. Choose two sheets of wallpaper (one for each side of turtle.)  Lay the coat hanger on one of the sheets and draw around the shape, leaving an extra ¼” all around.  Lay the two sheets of wallpaper together, with either the printed sides together or the backing sides together.  You can cut both out at the same time, or cut one and then laying the paper together as before, trace the first shell onto the second sheet.

9. with the masking tape, tape one of the turtle shells to the coat hanger, being careful to keep the tape on the inside of the ¼” margin.

10. Using white glue, run a line of glue completely around the wire inside the turtle shell and add some to the inside space.  Line up the second shell with the first and hold down until the glue starts to set.

11.  Punch a hole through the shell on the inside of the coat hanger a little closer to the head than to the back of the turtle so it hangs evenly. Tie a length of yarn through the hole and hang your turtle.

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