Native American Moccasins

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These little moccasins are just too cute. I made them with felt, instead of leather, following the directions for the “One-piece, Soft-sole, Center-seam Moccasins” on I used my granddaughter’s foot measurements (size 12) to make the pattern. I think that a copier that resizes patterns could be used to make my pattern either larger or smaller. The only thing—-the cuff should probably remain at two inches deep. This project is actually simple once the pattern is made.

Supplies that I used: 

  • Print out of the moccasin pattern directions from the above website.
  • Draw a pattern as illustrated on the website. (I folded my paper in half and traced the foot on the paper, making sure that the heel was 1/2 from the fold and that the ball of the foot was ¼”away from the fold. Then I cut the pattern while the paper was still folded so when unfolded I had the full pattern.)
  • Moccasins, Child’s size 12 (Pattern)
  • Felt (brown or a color of your choice)
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine or thread and needle
  • Thread
  • Cord (18″ for child size)
  • Colored pony beads


  1. Follow the directions from website, if making the moccasins with leather. 
  2. Cut the moccasins from the felt.
  3. Sew, using the directions from the website. Attach the center of the cord under the cuff, at the back of the moccasin and again at the front. Tie. Thread pony beads on the ends of the cord and make a knot to hold them on.
  4. Leave the cuff as it is or make 1″ deep cuts, about ¼” apart, around the cuff.

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