Hunny Bunny

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What a little cutie! An appropriate Easter decoration or could be hung in a nursery or child’s room anytime.

Wire coat hanger project


  • Wire coat hanger
  • Crayons or colored markers
  • Masking tape
  • Glue stick
  • Scissor
  • Thin wire
  • Large paper clip (to hang bunny on wall) or a string for hanging
  • Large pink or white cotton ball (for tail)
  • Bunny (Pattern)
  • Bunny feet, paws and carrot (Pattern)


  1. Bend the coat hanger into a circle shape
  2. Color the bunny shapes
  3. Carefully cut the bunny and carrot shapes
  4. Tape the head over the hook of the hanger, having the top of the head just covering the hook.
  5. Fold the front feet on the dotted lines, fold over the wire about an inch below the bottom of the head, and tape
  6. Poke one end of the wire through the cotton ball and wire the ball to the bottom of the circle.
  7. Tape the back bunny feet on either side of the cotton ball
  8. Fit the carrot between the front paws and tape on the back side.
  9. Tape the paper clip to the back side of the head to hang the bunny on the wall.
  10. If you want to hang the bunny (so it’s finished on both sides) reverse the templates and glue the corresponding pieces over the taped pieces. Tape a string between the front and back pieces before gluing.

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