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Looking at a picture of a peaceful, elegant swan puts me in a pensive mood. I’ve made a PowerPoint of works by an artist called Stuchie. He is a minister who says art is artistic therapy for him. I want to do this project with the 3rd grade, but the classroom doesn’t have the equipment to show the PowerPoint, so I picked out one picture to make an example and will have the kids make a swan picture. We’re using oil pastels on black paper for this project. Draw the swan on the black paper with white oil pastel or chalk. Or,— I have included a rough sketch of a swan for anyone who wants a bit of help making a sample. I colored the back of the sketch with white crayon and used a stylus (old ball point pen) to trace the swan on my black paper. The PowerPoint takes about a minute to load. The directions for this project, “Swan Lake,” can be found in the 3rd Grade Projects Gallery in the sidebar.

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