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What if....flowers had feet and could dance.

What if….flowers had feet and could dance.

If you want to get the kids really into a fun project, consider doing this “What if…”  for an art class.  A long list of “What if…” ideas are included, so all you’ll need is a sheet of white construction or drawing paper and a pencil.  This project,   “What if…” can be found in the 2nd Grade, 3rd Grade, 4th Grade, 5th Grade and 6th Grade Galleries in the sidebar.

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2 Responses to SPRING HAS SPRUNG

  1. chris says:

    Love the Bats, have always been bats about bats, love em, and these are super ideas, thanks posting xxx

  2. Teddi Kella - Special Education Teacher says:

    Thanks so much for listing my squidoo lens: Free Stuff for Teachers to your list. I am sl flattered and appreciative!


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