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Now is the perfect time to start making Halloween decorations for your classroom.  Why not allow the kids to help by making items that can be hung from the ceiling or that can fill the window sills or shelves.  Have a happy and fun Halloween.

HALLOWEEN 1Milk Carton Pumpkins

These pumpkins are made using the 1/2 pint milk cartons from the school cafeteria.  Use construction paper, scrapbooking paper, wrapping paper, or paint or color paper to make the pumpkins.  This project is found in the Halloween Gallery in the sidebar.

HALLOWEEN 2Spider Headband

These are no “itsy, bitsy spiders.”  They are huge and the kids loved making them and,  even more, wearing them.  Black and orange construction paper, scissors, glue and a stapler are all you need to make the headbands.  Check the Halloween Gallery in the sidebar for this project.

HALLOWEEN3Paper Chain Jack-O-Lantern

Make these jack-o-lanterns early in October so you can hang them in the classroom and enjoy them through Halloween.  If you want different faces on the pumpkins, white-out the features on the pattern before copying.  Let the kids draw faces.

HALLOWEEN4Halloween Diorama

Kids love to make dioramas and this Halloween scene is one they will also enjoy.  Use the patterns included in this project, or have the kids free hand draw their own scenes.  There are a bunch of theme sayings at the end of the directions.


Making a brown bag bat is super easy to do.  Use the patterns provided for the eyes, fangs and wings, or free hand draw them.  Either way this is an easy and inexpensive Halloween project.  Hang or line up the bats on a window sill or shelf.

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  1. chris says:

    Love the Bats, have always been bats about bats, love em, and these are super ideas, thanks posting xxx

  2. Thanks so much for listing my squidoo lens: Free Stuff for Teachers to your list. I am sl flattered and appreciative!


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