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This is a very nice project for the 3rd grade that, with a little preparation, can be finished in an hour session.  In order to keep this art project from taking too much class time, I prepared the brown grocery … Continue reading

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Angry Birds from Egg Carton Sections

The kids will love making their own Angry Birds using egg carton sections.   To find the directions and a sheet of facial features for these little birds,  go to my HubPages article,  All Angry Birds Crafts, that also shows side … Continue reading

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We have tried other background colors, but lavender construction paper seems to work best in this project.  We use black crayon for the cityscape or landscape and then colored chalk for the storm.  Hairspray keeps the chalk in place. We call … Continue reading

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The expression on your face lets the world know what kind of mood you’re in.  We call this project “Moods.”  It just fascinates me to see how enthused the kids are with this art venture.  They are so expressive and so … Continue reading

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We used calendar pictures of birds for inspiration in this project.  Before we started drawing we discussed proportion and placement.  Each student was given a bird picture to reference while we discussed the shape of the bird body (like a … Continue reading

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