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Roses seem like they’d be such a hard thing to draw, but with a little help from the website I have included in this project, it’s quite easy.  Every 6th grader just knew they couldn’t draw one—-until they did.  You … Continue reading

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Snapshots work well in these canning jar flat and lid frames.  They’re quick and easy to make and of course the kids want to give them to parents (Mother’s Day or Father’s Day) and grandparents.  Besides the jar flat and lid, … Continue reading

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We call this project “Pieces of Poetry”because, in some way, all of our experiences are pieces of the puzzle of our life. This 5th Grade project has a lot to do with listening to instructions and careful cutting and pasting.  We use … Continue reading

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Retablos were wooden boxes that depicted scenes of historical, religious or important everyday events in the lives of the native peoples of Peru.  Originally they were small highly decorated wooden boxes with complex Christian-theme images inside (Nativities, Crucifixion, Last Supper). They … Continue reading

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