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Our little country style, tea-dyed snowman is a no sew project.  He is made from an old, white, adult sized sport sock that has been tea dyed.  A great way to use socks with no mates. A few of these would make … Continue reading

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You can almost feel the cold when you look at these winter trees.  We use permanent markers on tracing paper to make the trees.  Colored tissue paper and iridescent glitter finish the look.   This is an outstanding project and the … Continue reading

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A stocking and a stocking cap for this snowman.  I’ve left the faces, stockings and caps blank to give the kids lots of ways to make their project unique.  I love his tinsel arms. Finish only one side and hang … Continue reading

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A wire coat hanger, a brown grocery bag and puzzle pieces are the basic supplies in this Thanksgiving project. Although the puzzle pieces can be glued on with a glue stick, it works better and goes faster with a glue gun.  … Continue reading

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We can always find puzzle pieces for our art projects.   You know how sooner or later a piece or two of our favorite puzzle turns up missing.  We hate to throw the whole puzzle away, but the trouble is, it’s … Continue reading

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This little stand up Nativity uses one sheet of card stock.  I can’t give you a pattern for the figure illustrations because they are  copyright , Mo Manning.  I have included a blank pattern for the stand up which will … Continue reading

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Although this project could be made with construction paper or even wallpaper, I think calendar pages are the perfect weight for this sitting bunny.  If you haven’t been using glue dots, this is a great time to use them.   This … Continue reading

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This is a fun little project that the kids enjoy.   The 1st Grade can easily do this. It’s  a good lesson  on listening  and waiting for directions.  Careful cutting is also stressed.    Directions and patterns for this craft, “Puppy Puppet,” … Continue reading

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